Brendt Petersen


Creative Director / Photographer / Adventurer
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Brendt Petersen

Design Meets Data

I believe visualization is critical to discovering data-driven insights and effectively communicating that knowledge to others to drive growth and achieve objectives. I have dedicated my career to creating experiences that work together for my clients by creating platforms at the heart of solutions and welcome the opportunity to create for emerging solutions such as IoT, AR/VR, and blockchain.

I am a respected leader who has driven digital transformations for Fortune 500 powerhouses. I am known for creating elegant, simple solutions to complex problems and seamlessly integrating new practices and policies that capacitate my clients’ business transformations and enable them to transition to a more efficient, scalable, modern enterprise.

Position: Creative Director / Consultant

Location: Somewhere on Earth

Experience: 15+ Years

Education: Kendall College of Art & Design

Creating Solutions for
+ Years


Design With Purpose
Design For People
Design to Inspire
Design With Passion

Done With


Never Stop

Asking "Why?"

Design is about making improvements. It's the never-ending cycle of making things better through the process of creating something while simultaneously considering its objective, function, economics, and social factors.

Always Strive To

Achieve "Easy"

The new frontier of digital experiences is technology designed specifically for individual human behavior. Real users don't know about the latest trends or technology; they only want a functional experience that's easy.

Imagine It, Do It,

Share It

As designers, we must ask ourselves why our work matters and why we want it to matter to others. To inspire the user, you have to bring your design to a level that exceeds the expectations of cultural norms.

Create With


By incorporating all of the past successes and failures that inherently come with passion-driven life experiences, the value of design increases. When passion drives design, we stop saying "but" and start thinking about "what."

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